The services we offer:

  • Bird Management and Control Programs
  • Nuisance Bird Assessment and Mitigation Program
  • Landfill Personnel Control Training (health and safety, control strategy)
  • Landfill Personnel Bird Monitoring Training (nuisance evaluation, control program effectiveness)
  • Tablet-Based Monitoring Software


Falcon Environmental Services (FES), has geared its wildlife control program to scare wildlife away before using more extreme measures. Based on our experiences, falconry, is the best environmentally friendly wildlife control program available.

The falconry program can claim it will always be effective because it is based on a predator prey relationship. As well as being a highly effective control technique the falconry program is perceived by the public as an acceptable, natural way to control wildlife.

Birds found in numbers can be a real problems for landfill operators.
Example of problematic site BEFORE our gull management program is in place.
Example of problematic site AFTER our gull management program is in place.