Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, can seriously damage aircraft components. Although regulations have been put in place to reduce drone hazards at airports, numerous sightings have been reported and the number of incidents have sky-rocketed as more and more amateur pilots fly recreational UAVs. FALCON can assist airports with the development of a Drone Management Control Plan as well as actively taking down and neutralizing hazardous drones at airports. FALCON has partnered with two other specialized firms to offer a diversity of strategies to deal with drone threats at sensitive locations. A thorough Drone Control Plan consists of three steps: PREPARE, DETECT and NEUTRALIZE threats.


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Safety & Tactical Programs


Drone threats call for a proper PREPARATION. The first step consists of preparing a solid Drone Management Control Plan.  Over the years, FALCON has acquired extensive experience working at sensitive locations such as civilian and military airfields. As so, FALCON provides support to its clients wanting to develop or augment their Drone Management Control Plan. The knowledge acquired over the years from the management of bird threats can also serve with the management of drone and other intrusive threats!



Intrusion Detection

Drone threat DETECTION is essential to assess the risks at hand and determine the proper measures to undertake to reinstate a safe environment. FALCON has created its own proprietary advanced drone technologies to address the constantly evolving demands posed by drone threats. FALCON can offer its clients multiple solutions covering all aspects of drone threats, from detection to defeat, while protecting customer sites.


Drone Neutralization

The NEUTRALIZATION of a drone is a challenging task both operationally and legally. When a threat occurs, an accurate and immediate action must be taken. FALCON offers a wide variety of options available to you. Contact us to learn more about the various and customized solutions we can offer.