We assist you with the purchase of pyrotechnical devices, an essential tool for effective wildlife management. FES has field experience for more than 25 years and can guide you through the purchase of various tools specific to your needs and problematic species.

The following items are those generally recommended by our team. We can also assist you with the purchase of any wildlife management tool. Contact us to discuss your needs!



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RG-46 Seven Shot Revolver Launcher

Ref: 5400


RG-46 Spare Muzzle Cup

Ref: 5406


Bangers (Box of 50)

Ref: 6000


 Screamers (Box of 50)

Ref: 6001


  Screamers with Silver Comet (Box of 50)

Ref: 6006


 Flaming Whistlers (Box of 50)

Ref: 6003


 Whistler with Silver Comet (Box of 50)

Ref: 6002


  Screamer Booster (Box of 50)

Ref: 6007


XTR Extended Range Rocket (one unit)

Ref: 6008


  Color Flares (Box of 10)

Ref: 6004


  Crackling Comet/Comet Banger

Ref: 6010


 6 mm Blanks (Box of 100)

Ref: 6050


   Dual Headed Bronze Brush

Ref: 5702


   Bore/Port Brush

Ref: 5706


   Wire Muzzle Brush

Ref: 5703


   Nylon Magazine Chamber Brush

Ref: 5704


   3/16″ Aviation Bit

Ref: 5705


   Launcher Cleaning Solution

Ref: 5700a (4 oz), 5700b (8 oz)

$28.50 (4 oz)

$45.00 (8 oz)

   Launcher Holster

Ref: 5098a



Ref: 6065


FES is an official reseller of the products of Margo Supplies LTD, a company working in the development of recognized wildlife management tools. Our prices are equivalent to or below those Margo Supplies.

Do not hesitate to contact us to place an order or for more information!