What permits do an airport need to trap wildlife?

t is the combination and wise use of these methods that makes our programs so successful. We are not advocates of one specific control method, our wildlife control experts use what works best for different level problems and the wildlife species involved. One of the latest improvements to our program is the use of radar systems to monitor bird movements around a specific area. FES programs are performed without the use of chemical products.

Though not applicable to all wildlife problems, one of the cornerstones of our program is the use of trained raptors and falconry. It is recognized as one of the most effective and efficient ways of scaring nuisance birds. This method relies on a natural predator-prey relationship in which birds, from instinct and experience, will flee an area where a bird of prey is present. Contrary to other techniques, nuisance birds do not habituate to this control technique. What could be better than using Nature to control Nature?

However, the aspect most recognized of our program is the quality of our wildlife control staff. We are proud to offer experienced and competent employees in all of our programs.

FES stays current with wildlife management issues by attending advanced training and industry conferences. Other than its internal research and development,