Aéroports Internationaux de Montréal, Montréal et Mirabel, Québec, Canada

Trudeau and Mirabel International Airports, Québec, Canada

Montreal-Trudeau terminal.

FES has provided the wildlife management program at Trudeau and Mirabel International Airports for nearly 20 years. Responding to all wildlife problems at both airports, FES collects data for all patrols, interventions, and observations including their geolocalisation. FES completes monthly and yearly wildlife control reports.

In the field, FES employs falconry, pyrotechnics, trapping, firearms and distress calls to manage wildlife. Wildlife surveys on the Montreal-Trudeau Airport have also been completed by FES since 1995.

An environmental assessment for a risk analysis study as well as a complete survey (flora and wildlife) on the Montreal-Trudeau Airport territory and the 8-km radius of the airport limits were completed in 2005-2006. FES is also consulted for several environmental projects related to wildlife management, such as landscaping on airport territory, and the insecticide program that aims to control grasshopper populations, which attract birds that pose a direct risk to aviation.

Montreal-Trudeau overview as of 2010.
One of our TOYOTA 4x4 HYBRID vehicles used to perform wildlife patrol on the airfield.