Some species can cause cohabitation problems when using the same environment as humans. This is often the case for so-called “nuisance” species whose presence is not desired in certain sites.

Our team of wildlife control experts can identify the reason for their presence, causes for the problems and solutions for mitigation.

FALCON can then apply these mitigation measures, perform wildlife management, or assist the client in their self-directed approaches.






Laws, regulations and international agreements protect the vast majority of animal species and their habitats. FALCON can help you validate your actions or your work plan to make sure these do not conflict with the interpretation of laws and regulations.

Our services also allow the establishment of an action plan to help you correct or prevent non-compliance with legislation. FALCON can take care of permit application, freeing you form all administrative concerns.




An array of control methods can be used in wildlife management. However, every cohabitation problem is unique and a proper analysis of the situation is always needed. FALCON has many years of experience with population control at different levels such as beaches, parks or industrial buildings. FALCON uses a combination of the most efficient tools such as pyrotechnics, netting, trapping, eggs sterilization, trained dogs and birds of prey and habitat modification.


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Depending on the animal species involved, time of year, type of disturbance anticipated, etc., FALCON can provide training for managers as well as the employees on the mitigation measures that are advisable to implement when cohabitation problems arise with species considered a nuisance such as gulls, pigeons or geese. FALCON provides training to ensure the correct, effective and safe use of all wildlife control tools.


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FALCONpossesses the expertise to analyse and develop a complete report including guidelines and recommendations. These recommendations can take the form of  an action plan or priority measures. We always take regulations and laws into account in our recommendations.