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In this edition, we will cover the topics of pyrotechnic devices that can be used in wildlife management, the unveiling of our brand new Instagram account and upcoming training programs that you can register.

We decided to address the topic of pyrotechnics following the enthusiasm we received about them at conferences that we had the chance to participate in earlier this fall.

Additionally, with many years of providing training at airports, we found that there was a great interest in these programs. These training programs must be given every five years in accordance with section 302.307 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) to personnel called to intervene with wildlife. We have therefore chosen to offer different types of training, including those in airport wildlife management, throughout the year.

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Pyrotechnic Devices and their Use



We decided to address the subject of pyrotechnic devices, mainly presenting the different types of cartridges following our many training programs and audits at airports. Of the sixty or so airports we’ve visited, few used pyrotechnics adequately. As an example, banger cartridges and whistlers should be used in combination to maximize effects on target birds. These cartridges also do not generate the same reaction by birds. The bangers are effective in creating a limited shock wave that will scare birds off the ground and create rapid panic behavior. The screamer cartridge is effective for directing birds in a specific direction, more specifically off the airport. A mistake that is often seen is the use of pyrotechnic equipment when the birds are out of reach, which is to say more than 200 feet for bangers and more than 300 feet for screamers. Finally, an interesting array of cartridges is now available; the “silver comet”, the whistlers and many that combine effects. These new equipment make it possible to reduce the nuisance associated with the noise of the bangers and to prevent the habituation of the birds to the same cartridges.

Here is a table showing most of the cartridges used in wildlife management. This table also provides information on their range, effect and use, and recommendations for each cartridge in order to make the right choice among those offered.

If you would like any more information on the best equipment to use, or how to adapt your wildlife management program to existing strategies, do not hesitate to contact us.



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Falcon’s Instagram Account!



It’s 2017, and Falcon has finally arrived and created an Instagram account! What a great way to stay connected without waiting for the next newsletter. Our account has pictures of all our sites across the country, even from during our contracts abroad! Yes, our skills are exportable! You will see our employees at work, including those with fur and feathers, as well as topics that may touch you near and far.

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Falcon’s Instragram Account


Next Training

Our next trainings are:

  • Airport Wildlife Management; January 23th and 24th, 2018, in Saint-Lazare, offered in English.
  • Airport Wildlife Management Plan and Key Performance Indicators Implement; January 25th, 2018, in Saint-Lazare, offered in English.
  • Airport Wildlife Management;  February 6th and 7th, 2018, in Saint-Lazare, offered in French.
  • Airport Wildlife Management Plan and Key Performance Indicators Implement; February 8th, 2018, in Saint-Lazare, offered in French.

Registration is open, hurry! For more information or to register, click here:


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