Bird’s Eye View: We put a tiny camera on the head of one of our falcons, watch the result!

The images in this video were taken with a tiny camera mounted on the head of one of our falcons that performs wildlife management at a landfill. Franck Chambon, our contract supervisor, found a way to attach the camera to a modified leather hood. The memory card and the battery were placed on the bird’s back using a custom fitted backpack system.

In this video, Zara the falcon takes you on a visit of the BFI Landfill in Lachenaie, Quebec. You will see how she scrutinizes the area to spot gulls on the site.

Vision being a raptor’s most developed sense, notice how the head stays amazingly stable while the bird is in flight, allowing the falcon to find its prey with precision.

The modified falconry hood with the camera.
Supervisor at Falcon Environmental Services, inc, Franck Chambon finishes the prototype camera that will be installed on the bird's head.
Franck and Zara. Zara is a three years old Gyr/Saker Falcon bred by Falcon Environmental Services.